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Yesterday, I attended Mac DeMarco’s BBQ/Meet and Greet in Los Angeles. Being a listening party for his new album, “This Old Dog”, Mac’s music consumed the air. It was a merrymaking event filled with exhuberating fans, much like myself. We all got to eat hot dogs and stand in line to wait to meet Mac.

When in line, you could of burned up or spoke to the people around you; people who obviously shared the same interest. Now, I am a bit spiteful. Mainly, because it has become problematic that our generation of millennials can’t have one simple conversation with each other. Not communicating is a terrible act, but I decided that I would have a conversation with the people in front of me. It ended up being very productive and we ended up networking, quite nice.

The tweet form the rapper Kari Faux, “once you realize that everyone is always winging it and that there are no rules to any of this shit, life’s a lot less overwhelming,” describes exactly what came to fruition in my brain. Life is quite pleasant when you look at it this way.

To expand, Steve Lacy and Tyler, the Creator happened to come up to the event. A good 30-40% of the line started to bombard Tyler with photos and just to stand in his presence. As I was standing in line, it got me thinking of what Vince Staples always preaches, “We hate musicians. We treat ’em like shit. Especially if they’re good.” I am well aware that it is extremely hard to counter these interactions, especially growing up with what we see on the Internet.

Artists that grew up using the Internet, like today’s music patrons from the Y and Z generations, are making money because of the access of their music online. But, the difference between them and me is that I’d like to create a medium so that fans and artists can understand each other- to make sure artists don’t feel that they’re an animal in public. They need their own personal space just as we do. We just have to approach them in the right way, we don’t know what they’re going through and never will unless they tell us, which I highly doubt they will because it’s none of our business.

Henceforth, I do understand that you can’t just contain yourself especially if it’s an artist that you listen to all the time and are inspired by. I myself, would lose my mind if I saw Earl Sweatshirt and if it was Vince Staples, I would respectively say what I want to say and say have a good day and thank you for your service, much like what you would say with someone who is fighting for our country. This is what all artists would most likely prefer. But sadly, this is not what it comes to.

There is a right time and place for everything try to have self-control. As I say, I’m not a preacher but take what you want from this and run with it, if you’d like.

“I’m not trying to be anyone’s savior, I’m just thinking about the future and not be sad.” -Elon Musk


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