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What brings you guys out here today?

Sam: Mac DeMarco. Nothing else to do on a Sunday.

Akio: Free hot dogs.

How far did you guys travel today?

Sam: Pretty far. We were traveling for like three hours, but it’s a 40-minute train ride.

Akio: Like altogether, I couldn’t estimate the mileage, but altogether a good three hours trying to get here.

What inspired your looks?

Sam: Honestly, I woke up and just grabbed whatever t-shirt was on top and I like these pants.

Akio: I’ve had these pants for like five years so, I just wore these because these are like the only shorts that I own. It’s really hot out. This shirt I got at, I don’t know where I got it, I don’t remember. It’s really light, for the breeze and stuff.

Do you have any good memories of Mac DeMarco or of listening to his music?

Sam: I listen to his music all the time. It’s very good. I saw him at Beach Goth 2015.

Akio: I remember when his first album came out my brother showed me, and then I saw him like two years later at FYF.

What song do you guys have on repeat right now? With zero judgement.

Sam: Not going to lie, the guy who did Gangnam Style. I was listening to one of his other songs, and I’m Not a Loser by The Descendants.

Akio: This band called Ovlov, it’s a song called Milk.

Sam: No. Milk sucks.

Akio: Go to hell. Fuck you. Ovlov is sick. Ovlov is great. Ovlov is really good.


Interview with Sam Hertel and Akio Mann.




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