A Look: Mac DeMarco serves up hotdogs to “This Old Dog”

Where did you get inspiration for your look?

Kaamilah: Damn. I’m going to say it’s a mix of 90s. Because I do have the chains, the Juicy, you feel me. Juicy goes way back. This belt here with the grommets around, that’s also a 90s piece. The high-waisted Dickies, well these are like, what are they, Stan Ray. But they’re sorta similar to Dickies. And the creepers.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Kaamilah: Pull Up by Abra. She’s tight. If you don’t know about her you’re all sleepin’ on her. You gotta get on her right now. Like look her up right now.


Here’s the link to Pull Up by Abra for those of you who were wondering.





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