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Mac DeMarco serves up hotdogs whilst spinning “This Old Dog”

Mac DeMarco takes a break from grilling to sign a fan's top.Two fans show off their authentic Mac DeMarco derrière autographs.A funky couple share a hug at the DeMarco listening party.A Mac fan dons a funky yellow Hawaiian shirt and camera, ready for his photo-op with Mac.Mac shows off his master weenie-grilling skills.A Mac fan shows off his Andy Warhol-esque food bank donations.Mac DeMarco's birthday cake, donned in cigarettes.Mac examines a dog to determine if it's ready for fan consumption.Fans pose in line.A fully-stocked grill brimming with hot dogs.Mac poses with fans who waited in line for a dog and a photo.A Mac fan lights up.A very funky gal waits to meet Mac.A toasty grill and a tasty cake.Tyler the Creator admires Mac's very DeMarco-esque birthday cake.Shane from Bane's World sits next to a friend at the listening party. Tyler the Creator fans get their shoes signed.The crowd for the listening party didn't die down until the sun had finally set.

UNIF hosted a listening party for Mac DeMarco’s newest album “This Old Dog,” which is set for release on Friday, May 5.

The listening party was conveniently set on DeMarco’s 27th birthday, giving fans all the more reason to come out for the function.

Attendees jammed to the newest album and received hot dogs in exchange for food bank donations.


Suggested donations included personal care items, clothing, and both canned and fresh food products.

Tyler the Creator, a rapper and infamous member of Odd Future, made an appearance at the event and was greeted by an entourage of excited fans. Many fans risked their spots in line at the opportunity for a photo and autograph, of which Tyler was, at times,  reluctant to give.

The event went from 2 p.m. to a little past sundown.

UNIF and DeMarco gathered at least one large bin with food bank donations, consisting of mainly canned food items and personal hygiene products.

Some fans waited upwards of two hours in the SoCal heat for their chance to get a photo with DeMarco. Line length peaked around 3:30 p.m., but shortened from then on.

The hot dogs seemed infinite. As did the line.

The new album, “This Old Dog,” formally debuts this Friday, May 1, though it’s been rumored to have leaked online. (Wink.)

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Photos courtesy of staff photographer Andrè Bianic and editor-in-chief Emma DiMaggio.



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