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Where are you guys from?

All: Long Beach.

How far did you guys travel to get here?

Alexis: We took two trains. The metro.

How did you get inspiration for these looks?

Alexis: Well, I really like bright colors, so any piece that I have that “pops,” I wear it with dull pants, so these are pretty dull. It has a dope pattern. I like funky stuff.

Shannon: I don’t know. This is (Alexis’s) shirt. I saw her wearing it so I was like, “Can I wear that too?”

Miranda: Well it was hot today, so y’know, gotta have the straps. It’s lace and I love lace. It’s girly and it’s simple.

Vanessa: Honestly, I love the 60’s and the 70’s, y’know old stuff. So like I just thrift shop, find things I find cute. I love the cropped look, that’s my shit.

What brings you out today?

Alexis: Just to have a good time and vibe out with cool people.

Shannon: To have a hot dog.

Miranda: Just to spend time with my friends.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Alexis: Thrift stores, I love thrift stores.

Shannon: Same, thrift stores.

Vanessa: Just random thrift stores. I usually go to Long Beach, they have some pretty good shit. You can find some pretty nice stuff.

What song do you have on repeat right now? With zero judgement.

Alexis: That’s a good question. Suicide Boys.

Shannon: Saturday Night by the Misfits.

Miranda: Flatbush Zombies- 222. It’s a really good song.

Vanessa: I’m really fucking with Kendrick’s new album. Humble is my shit.

Is there someone you draw inspiration from?

Shannon: I don’t know. A lot of people on Instagram, a bunch. Like everyone I guess.

Miranda: Dezzy Marquez, she’s super good at makeup.

Vanessa: I really don’t have a specific person. I look through magazines and shit, online. Nylon, I fuck with that. Cosmopolitan and all of them. I love that shit.

Alexis, love you earrings, do you like Game of Thrones or something?

Alexis: I love dragons. I love them, they’re great. They’re from Spencer’s. Very random.

Vanessa, what do you like most about your earrings?

Vanessa: Well I’m a moon baby. Cancer is my zodiac so I was like “fuck it.” They’re moons, they’re pretty, I liked them. I’ll rock them.


From left to right: Alexis Green, Shannon O’Connell, Miranda Romo, Vanessa De La Resa













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