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This past weekend, the Geffen Contemporary held host to performers Lil B, F U Pay Us, WeDidIt, Sun Araw, and Alima.

In unison with NTS Radio, MOCA held the completely free event from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

F U Pay Us, an all-female afropunk band, played a high-energy set right before DJ Sun Araw.

The four members, Jasmine Nyende, Uhuru Moor, Ayotunde Osareme, and Tianna Nicole absolutely killed it. We here at Fun Nihilist never thought we could get so down to a song that belts, “Suck my nappy black pussy,” so many times, but it happened. We regret nothing.

When Lil B came on, the enthusiasm of the crowd reached its apex. A pit quickly formed at the front of the stage, and extra security guards struggled to make their way into the pit to protect Based God from the rowdy crowd.

Fans thrashed, chanting “I love Based God.” Lil B assured the crowd multiple times that a new album would be released soon.

Despite it being overcast all day long, fans were basked in sunlight mid-way through his set. The clouds parted, heads turned, and bass boomed. We assumed “real” God and Based God must be tight.

Forget nihilism, this website is now going to be dedicated to worshiping Lil B, our true deity. (If only it were that simple.)

Would we go back to The Geffen Contemporary for live music again? Heck yes we would, and we will.

See you there.


This slideshow contains images courtesy of staff photographer Andre Bianic and editor-in-chief Emma DiMaggio.

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A clip of F U Pay Me’s set at Geffen, shot by Emma DiMaggio



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