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Looks: Heaven x Suck It Cinco de Mayo Warehouse Celebration

Directly behind Yoshinoya on South Alameda and Olympic Boulevard sits an unassuming warehouse.

Besides a huge “Topless Dancers” sign plastered on the wall, the exterior of the building is nothing out of the ordinary. Shipping containers and trucks surround an otherwise seemingly abandoned building. With broken windows and no apparent entrance into the facility, one might wonder whether the building has any purpose at all besides contributing to the urban scenery.

But for those who receive invites, or stumble upon random RSVP’s, the warehouse is the venue of all-night DJ sets and shows of every variety.

This past Friday, May 5, the building held host to a slew of Los Angeles youths in a show deemed Heaven x Suck It, hosted by Instagram icons @toopoor, @anythingforselenaas, @lunalovebad, and @wifi_wifey_.

The lineup of DJ’s included Coneja, Sky^2, Isabella Ferrada, Swelta, Brian Whatever, Lafayette Bless, Flash, and Lulo.

A pop-up shop by Whatever 21 sat perpendicular to the bar where free Colt 45’s were being dispensed to attendees. No outside alcohol was allowed into the event.

The sets started at 10 p.m. and reluctantly ended at 4 a.m.

Andre Bianic | Fun Nihilist
Andre Bianic | Fun Nihilist
Emma DiMaggio | Fun Nihilist
Andre Bianic | Fun Nihilist

All photos courtesy of staff photographer Andre Bianic.






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