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CHUD kills it at the REXX Cassette Release at Timewarp Records

Yiwei belting his heart out.Closet GothMeatbuddies banding together.Yali <3Yiwei taking a trap call.Yali taking full advantage of the empty stage during Closet Goth's set.Fun Nihilist friend Elliot scales a gate outside Timewarp Records.Closet Goth came up for a surprise performance with CHUD, playing a song that he and Yali wrote while they were living together in Arizona.Yali chudding it up.

We knew you had all been thinking, “I need more CHUD in my life.” Well, Timewarp Record served up some much needed CHUD this past weekend, along with hefty doses of REXX, Closet Goth, and Yiwei.

Timewarp Records pushed aside their rows of vinyl to turn the shop into a decently sized venue space. Multicolored lights danced on the stage in the back, pooling around every band member.

Yiwei belted songs about ‘girls from the scene,’ a necessarily evil we’ve all experienced. He apparently didn’t dwell on it long, since he was seen dancing at the front of the stage for the rest of the night.

CHUD and his Meatbuddies played banger after banger. We expected nothing less.

Hailing from Tuscon, Closet Goth played an especially interesting show, taking advantage of the mic length and traversing the audience during their set. They invited audience members on stage because it was, “getting lonely up here,” but none felt brave enough to take them up on the offer. One group spin, three group hugs, and many pairs of forced dance partners later, the high-energy set left attendees glistening in sweat and smiles.

REXX rounded out the night, putting on an especially good set for the release of their EP “To Communicate,” debuted on cassette through Danger Records.

Fun Nihilist staff discovered that Timewarp Records as a venue truly is a hidden gem.


All photos courtesy of staff photographer Andre Bianic.


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