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Ho99o9 at the Echoplex

Injury Reserve, The Bots, Kate Moss

Ho99o9, played this Friday, May 19, at the Echoplex, accompanied by Injury Reserve, The Bots, and Kate Mo$$.

We’ve spoken about thrashing in the past, but this event surpassed any and all of our prior notions of “thrashing.” A cyclone of moshers took center stage, accompanied by the occasional flyer.

We have no idea how these flyers came to crowd surf. Whether they were propped up by friends or scaled the stage and flung themselves into the eager hands of the audience was a complete enigma to the Fun Nihilist staff.

Nonetheless, their seemingly dismembered appendages added to the ambiance. Sporadic arms and legs darted out of the crowd and were lit up by strobing stage lights. Strobe on. Leg up. Strobe off. Leg down. Strobe on. Frozen image of someone’s sweating face, screaming the lyrics to a song. Strobe off. Anonymous faces washed back into the crowd.

The event was advertised as starting at 10 p.m. and ending at 2 a.m. An untiring audience fought this, and convinced Ho99o9 to extend their set until 2:30 a.m. The audience came to play.

Attendees chatted in the smoking section of the venue long past this time.

Day-of tickets cost around $23, including service charge, but early bird tickets were closer to $10.

The event was 18+.

Jorge Villa | Fun Nihilist
Emma DiMaggio | Fun Nihilist
Jorge Villa | Fun Nihilist
Emma DiMaggio | Fun Nihilist
Jorge Villa | Fun Nihilist

Digital images courtesy of staff photographers Andre Bianic and Willow Sando-Mccall. Black and white film images courtesy of staff photographer Jorge Villa.

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