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Hana Vu and Sugar Candy Mountain at Junior High
$5 Suggested DonationAmbianceRespectful Crowd
Loko Ono dropped out of lineupLate startMild technical difficulties
85%Overall Score

The always effervescent pink glow of Welcome to Junior High held host to Hana Vu and Sugar Candy Mountain on Thursday, May 25, courtesy of UCLA Radio.

This was UCLA Radio’s first off-campus event, and the crowd was filled with UCLA students donning pastel pink “1-800-UCLARADIO” t-shirts.

Despite the fact that Loko Ono dropped off the lineup due to unforeseeable circumstances, the night went on without a hitch. Doors to the all-ages show opened at 7 p.m., though the music wasn’t underway until around 8:30 p.m.

The Welcome to Junior High mixtape spun in the background while Hana Vu set up her equipment. Despite a few missed lyrics and casual song restarts, her set had a beginners vibe, characteristic of many artists making their way into Junior High.

Ash Reiter, lead vocalist from Sugar Candy Mountain, started off the set with a couple solo jams. Her voice on its own is spectacular, but it was brought to life as she invited the rest of the band onstage.

Reiter’s pedals, sparkling with green and red lights, lit up around her striped sneakers as the band holstered their instruments.

Between songs, members of the bands deliberated over which song to play next, as Reiter hosted an impromptu session of “awkward questions.”

These sessions left the audience with little to no valuable knowledge of the band, though it was discovered that Reiter’s favorite Telletubbie is “the purple one.” Good to know.

The night ended with “Atlas,” a happy-go-lucky tropical rock song from their album “666,” which was released in 2016.

Once the show was over, UCLA students and attendees chatted inside the venue. Lit up, the venue’s white walls were starkly different from the cotton candy-esque performance lighting. Though the scenery had changed, the vibe in the venue was as bubbly and inviting as ever.

Listen to more by Hana Vu here and by Sugar Candy Mountain here.


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