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Looks: L.A. Zine Fest

Jorge VillaJorge Villa

The ziners of the Los Angeles area and beyond came together for the Los Angeles Zine Fest this past Sunday, May 28.

In the florescent lights of the downstairs California Market Center, where this year’s fest was held, outfits spanned from hypebeast to DIY funky. (DIY funky is a term coined by Fun Nihilist, which describes a male or female who has spent so much time collaging and staring at risograph prints that they themselves become a mishmash of colors and patterns.)

The predominantly white venue was offset by tables overflowing with multicolored stickers, zines, and general must-have merchandise.

Though it was hard to look away from the seemingly endless supply of zines, each one painstakingly compiled and printed for the fest, the attendees were a sight on their own.

As expected, with any L.A.-wide art event come the L.A. creatives, and their outfits. There were girls that themselves looked like comic zine characters, and tablers who seemed to match their products. It was beautiful and formulaic and everything a fashion photographer could hope for.

With that, here are our favorite looks from L.A. Zine Fest 2017.

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