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Teebs plays The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Willow Sando-McCallWillow Sando-McCallWillow Sando-McCall
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA held host to Teebs, Milo, Josef Leimberg, DJ Nobody, and nonstop sunshine this past Thursday, June 15.

This event was one of many in MOCA’s summer-long music series. Every Thursday, MOCA opens her arms to Los Angeles-based musicians and a slew of local music-lovers. The events are all-ages and completely free to the public with RSVP.

On the 15th, Spaceland Presents and Alpha Pup Records brought together a lineup overflowing with jazz and electronica.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Josef Leimberg and his accompanying band, bathed in the light of golden hour, drowned Geffen Contemporary in jazz. His band, featuring a saxophonist, trumpeter, bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist, felt like a family. His soulful trumpet was later accompanied by guest vocals that did nothing but heighten the sea of sound.

Guests munched on grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream cookie sandwiches from nearby food trucks.

Milo took the stage as the sun set. At one point he rapped X-Clan lyrics, urging all attendees to listen to his music immediately.

As the crowd of Geffen thickened with new attendees, DJ Nobody used the PA system to it’s full extent. Attendees in the front row danced to the trembling bass, preparing themselves for Teebs.

The crowd was illuminated with flashing blue, pink, and green lights from the stage. Shout out to MOCA for their exceptional lighting rig.

The dancing continued as Teebs took the stage.

Mtendere Mandowa, member of the My Hollow Drum collective and Sons of Morning, otherwise known as “Teebs” seemed playful with the crowd. He was sincere and apologetic every time he spoke to the crowd, keeping his main priority to provide the crowd with jammers, which he did.

After playing Sachi Chords, Teebs confessed how the song was made. Did the song come to him in a dream? Was he inspired by the sounds of the city? Nope. His dog, Sachi, had set his paw on his keyboard while he was creating the song, and Sachi Chords was created.


The show, meant to end around 8 p.m., finished around 8:30 p.m. The summer night was warm. Or maybe it was the dancing. Or maybe it was both.

The crowd slowly funneled out of Geffen, to dissipate into the surrounding Little Tokyo sushi and pho restaurants to laugh over the week’s absurdity and steaming egg rolls.

The notable upcoming shows at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA are Surf Curse and Tacocat on June 29th and Zola Jesus on July 20th. RSVP now! 🙂


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