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BOYO, Moaning, and Mo Dotti at Union


Viva! + KXLU + Danger Collective Records presents BOYO, Moaning, and Mo Dotti at Union.

If you don’t give a special shout out to your mom mid-set, is your show truly heartfelt?

We went to Union to find out.

This past Thursday, June 22, Union held host to BOYO, Moaning, and Mo Dotti, hosted by Viva!, KXLU, and Danger Collective Records.

A small crowd gathered outside in the patio area, taking seats amongst other fans and filling the air with smoke and chatter.

BOYO’s full band set, which seems to be more of a rarity these days, was not one to miss.

The band was washed in colorful pinks and blues from the overhead lighting. At one point Robert Tilden, lead singer and front man of BOYO, had a touching moment with his band mate. “Has anyone ever told you that, when they look into your eyes, it’s like there’s no one else here besides you and I?” This heartfelt piece was quickly followed with an apology to the audience, who seemed nothing but amused by his quick profession.

Later on, BOYO gave another, though less subtle, shout out to his mother, who was assumed to be in the crowd.

The drummer, who seemed high on the sound of his own snare, set the beat to more upbeat BOYO songs, and the crowd danced to the queue of his hits.

As the night winded down, friends and fans gave their final goodbyes from outside the patio area.

Click here to listen to more BOYO, Moaning, and Mo Dotti.

All photos courtesy of Emma DiMaggio.

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