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Girl Pusher, Model/Actriz, Matter Room, and Brutus VIII at The Hi Hat

Tanner Le MoineTanner Le MoineTanner Le MoineTanner Le MoineTanner Le MoineTanner Le MoineTanner Le Moine

Green glitter flies through the air, distilled by the sweat of a hundred body-slamming fans.

Sunday, July 16, The Hi Hat held host to Girl Pusher, Model/Actriz, Matter Room, and Brutus VIII, courtesy of Penniback Records and Minty Boi Presents.

Being the last Model/Actriz show in Los Angeles before their return to Boston for the fall semester, fans flocked to the show for their last opportunity to experience pure mayhem before summer’s end.

After their return from tour, Model/Actriz’s performance level has skyrocketed.

The concept of a stage, as a location to showcase your work, has been left in the dust.

Lead singer Cole Haden swung his corded mic in the center of the crowd, cornered fans and climbed on top of them, and got close enough to whisper lyrics in some fortunate fans’ ears.

During the middle of the set he disappeared from the stage, leaving fans wondering if he was going to join them yet again in the pit, only to be seen scaling the rafters of the building. He straddled the rafter, singing to eager fans below. Walk back to the stage? Nope. Fans beneath him had the burden, or rather the honor, to catch the singer.

Why try to walk on water when you can float over a crowd of your followers? The latter seems difficult, and yet was achieved with ease by Haden.

The drummer singer duo Girl Pusher continued the night with another set brimming with energy.

Gabby Guiliano, lead singer of Girl Pusher, donned a light blue babydoll dress in direct contrast with her fuck-everything-and-everyone lyrical theme.

Innocence left every crowd member during her set.

Her iconic cover of Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay, the quintessential end to every dancey Girl Pusher show, moved fans to crowd center stage and jump to the electronic beat.

It’s easy to fathom being “better off alone” when you’re surrounded at every angle by moshers whose sole purpose is to do you harm.

It serves to mention Matter Room and Brutus VIII, the openers for the show, came out with above-par performances as well.

Matter Room members were in sync with each other’s sounds, hitting the slow but powerful guitar notes in unison.

Side Note: Shout out to all ages shows at The Hi Hat and shout out to Penniback Records for making sure that homies of all ages will be able to attend their shows.

Photos courtesy of Tanner Le Moine and Emma DiMaggio.

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