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Concerto Con 2017

HM157 held host to a slew of musicians and comedians this past Sunday, July 30th, for Concerto Con.

The event, which we’ll categorize as a mini festival, started at the brisk and early hour of 6 p.m. and ended at 1 a.m.

The cost was only $15, $20 at the door, for an afternoon of music by Jerry Paper, BOYO, C Roy, Momma, Brutus VIII, Wild Wing, and Astral May, as well as comedians Brent Weinbach, Matt Braunger, Baron Vaughn, Rachel Scanlon, Max Baumgarten, Ellory Smith, Sydney Feyder, and more.

The walkway to the home was filled with vendors, some of which were donating all profits to nonprofits, others vending brand new Girl Pusher merchandise freshly pressed for their coming tour.

The highlight of the night was Jerry Paper, whose lead singer’s dancing could easily be renamed “noodling.” Loved it.

He hit every single note with an animated face and even more animated body movement. Donning a knee-length pink t-shirt dress, he was a vision.

HM157’s main stage, which is located in the backyard of the home, was soaked in the psychedelic lighting from a supposedly powerful projector, which successfully covered the entire stage and dual story back wall.

The second stage of HM157, set in the small front room of the home, was full of laughing attendees packed all the way up the adjacent staircase.

Waves of laughter followed comedian stories of shrooming, dissonance on the cosmos, and the utterly ridiculous scenarios that mix into a concoction of life that can only be followed by an inspired comedy skit.

Our night ended on the sidewalk in the front of the house, singing happy birthday to staff photographer Willow Sando-McCall, all seated in a circle around an iridescent ceramic unicorn head with a burning spliff on the horn.

Is it really your birthday if your friends don’t exercise their full range of off-key singing on a sidewalk? Send us your thoughts.

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