Album: Willow by Sloppy Jane

Why have friends when you can have a maniacal laugh track in your ears?

Front-woman Haley Dahl describes the album as such:

“a strip club, a sitcom, a playground, and a house of God” 
Our debut record, “Willow” tells the story of a great adventure. Willow is a girl, who existed inside of a strip club in Inglewood, who ran away to the desert to hustle pool with a lion, and who burned herself alive for my freedom. She was buried at sea alongside her best friend. This piece is dedicated to their sacrifice and to their memory(and to Ember Knight). The record is a work of nonfiction, and if consumed correctly will take the listener through a journey. Please put on your tallest shoes, your air conditioner, and lie on the floor. Pick a position, and don’t move one muscle the whole time, even if it’s scary. Or funny. Or feels like it’s been too long. Listen alone. Or while driving through the Mojave in the middle of the night with someone who understands. Recorded and engineered by my hero, Joel Jerome, in Los Angeles. All drums and many essential guitar moments by my son and brother, Sara Cath, who nothing would have been possible without. Love, Haley Dahl.

This album was literally released TODAY. If you haven’t been on the Sloppy Jane wave for years, then now is your time to jump in. Face first.

Listen to the full album on Bandcamp here.

Or on Spotify like a real person.

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