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Sloppy Jane Record Release at Non Plus Ultra

As a first time attendee at Non Plus Ultra’s new location after a shut down by the city inspector last March, I must say I’m impressed.

The location is a hole-in-the wall, standing in stark contrast to their previous venue space. Despite long being known as a DIY venue, the new warehouse location surely perpetuates their reputation.

The entrance to the location is a small alleyway. Like, a one-to-two-person-“can I squeeze past you?” sort of alleyway. It came with two inches of puddle from the day’s rain, which gracefully seeped into my Sketchers.

Along with its size, the entrance blends in so well with its surroundings that you think you’ve typed in the wrong address. It’s one of those places where you pull out the aux and roll down the windows to see if you can hear any bands. (Very house-show.)

The interior, despite only having a singular level, is definitely on the larger and higher-end of warehouse spaces. They’ve installed some sort of giant towering neon lights on either side of the stage, perfected by hanging LED clouds.

This venue was all-inclusive. The bathroom even had a nausea-inducing flashing rainbow light, which was not necessarily my friend on this night, as I passed out in the shoe-box alleyway promptly after Sloppy Jane’s set.

As for the set itself, Haley Dahl, front woman of Sloppy Jane, along with her merry group of misfits, did not let down. (I mean, they never do, so I’m not sure why I’d expect anything less.)

The crowd, lit by a blue and pink neon glow, was fixated on Dahl, who commanded the stage. As per use, she donned nothing but dark ink, which overflowed down her chin to her chest.

The debut of Sloppy Jane’s “Willow,” carried with it a whole new repertoire of bangers. With such a large band, it only makes sense that they would take advantage of singing in unison. The songs on the album vary in tone, from happy-go-lucky laugh tracks to pure hedonist noise. (Do you get that? Does that make sense?)

If you don’t get it, here’s a link to their newest album. Listen to it while you look at these photos by Tanner Le Moine and pretend you’re there. 

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