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UCLA Radio presents Nylon Smile, Alien Boy, Floating Room and Cotton Ships

Up an unsuspecting driveway next to a Christ-centered frat lies Castle Rock-a dirt backyard filled with punks and college students alike. It’s the type of unsuspecting driveway where if you’ve never been there you better call a friend to come show you or follow the music.

This past Friday, UCLA Radio hosted a free show at Castle Rock with performances by Nylon Smile, Alien Boy, Floating Room, and Cotton Ships with free Rolling Rocks and Coors.

Willow Sando-McCall | Fun Nihilist

The first band, Nylon Smile, debuted their first ever live set with an all star cast of vocalist Nikolas Soetler of Calculator, drummer Taylor Jewell of Nuvolascura, guitarist Oliver Pinnell of Jay Som, and bassist Marten Roark of Tomemitsu. If I hadn’t known better I’d think they’d played countless sets, their sound was tight. My conflicting thoughts the bulk of their set were: “Wow why aren’t they headlinin-…? Oh yeah it’s their first set ever”. You can find a link to their recent EP here.

Two Portland based touring bands, Alien Boy and Floating Room, fortunately crossed over on tour. Drake Elliot, of Floating Room, smoked cigarettes the majority of his time on bass; While vocalist Maya Stoner sung so soothingly it tamed my peaking anxiety rooted from the overwhelming amount of cute people surrounding me.

The backyard became a dirt cloud as the punks jumped around to a fun punk set by Alien boy. Alien Boy is the type of band I wish I knew the lyrics to so I could cathartically jump, scream, and sing along to just like members of Floating Room did. Alien Boy recently released a new record on Tiny Engines which you can find here.

Running on punk time is bittersweet because people who are chronically late, like myself, get the benefit of still getting to watch the opening band. Although, as the night gets later and later the downside is a higher risk in noise complaints. Unfortunately, last Friday was one of those nights and the show was shut down by police resulting in Cotton Ships unable to play. Although, right before I was ready to yell “ACAB,” the police agreed to let Alien Boy play their last song.

Though you couldn’t hear Cotton Ships live set you can find their most recent album “Pastel Life” here.

The angels of Castle Rock provided free pie as the night came to a close.

Also woohoo free beer brought to you by UCLA Radio™️.

Willow Sando-McCall

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