Screenplay: Henry Gonzalez


Written By 
Henry Gonzalez

An enormous DOG paces up the dry canyon rocks towards a hill in the distance, guided by his nose. He sniffs intently and whines to himself.

Where are you… Where are you?

He moves about in a hurried panic, searching for a scent before pausing to sit and scratch at his ear with his hind paw.
He looks up to the clouds slowly rolling in behind the ruins atop the rocky hillside.

Stupid Bird, I shut my eyes for a moment
and you get lost.

He takes a step forward, something is stuck to his paw. He shakes it down and falls a small bundle of ripped thread. He paces forward sniffing to find a small bit of rope and-

A white feather with a crusty yellow goo-

Big Dog whines again as he picks it up, looking around the surrounding landscape with worry. He sniffs the feather and then carefully tastes the yellow goo. He spits!

NO no no, not cheese, anything but cheese.
Stupid Bird! You know you’re lactose intolerant.

Ahead of the feather he spots a mark in the gravel, as if a long and heavy pole had been dragged through the dirt. Big Dog takes off in a sprint, following the path and keeping his nose to the ground.


Big Dog makes his way up a boulder when he spots it: Atop ruins, on a broken staircase, is THE BIRD. Tied to a wooden poll, sit upon by a hoarde of ravenous CHEESE WEDGES. Big Dog barks and races towards them in a fury! The Cheese Wedges pause their ritual to inspect the golden blur speeding up the hill.

In an instant Big Dog ascends the ruins. The Wedges turn to face him. He digs his claws into the first two and throws them off the hill. Big Dog growls and raises his fist, about to fight for the life of his best friend.

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